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K-Tec Champ HP-3 high performance blender

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K-Tec Champ HP-3

High Performance Blender
The World's Most Powerful Home Blender
With 1,500 watts (3.0 peak horsepower) of power and computer-controlled blend cycles, the HP-3 makes short work of any blending task. From freshly prepared salsa to healthful nut butters to perfectly mixed smoothies, this blender outperforms all others.
What Makes This a Better Fitness Product?
If you really want to get into the best shape of your life, you need to pay attention to your diet. Eating smaller, more frequent meals will help lower your body fat, and consuming more fruits and vegetables can radically improve your health. To improve your diet without spending extra time in the kitchen, invest in a tool that simplifies food preparation. This is that tool. With the K-Tec Champ HP-3, you'll not only prepare foods faster, but you'll enjoy them more. This American-made, industrial-quality blender is more powerful, more durable, simpler to operate, and easier to clean than other blenders. From the first moment you fire it up, you'll appreciate the difference.
You've Seen K-Tec Blenders in the Best Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops
K-Tec and its subsidiary Blendtec are world leaders in commercial blending equipment. Undoubtedly, you've seen their distinctive square-sided mixing containers behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or juice bar. These companies choose K-Tec/Blendtec blenders because they're fast, effective, and reliable.

One key to the success of K-Tec blenders is the square container and specially shaped mixing blade (both are patented). Unlike other blenders that simply stir their contents around and around in circles, this container/blade combo creates a powerful pulsing counter-flow which more thoroughly mixes the contents.

K-Tec's Champ HP-3 uses the same 64-oz container as K-Tec's commercial blenders, and a nearly identical motor and control system. The HP-3 may have sleek understated looks, but don't let that stylish exterior fool you. This beast has a maximum blade speed of 29,000 rpm and produces up to 12 times the power of other name brand home blenders!

K-Tec Champ HP-3 blade
K-Tec's patented
container/blade assembly
The Advantages of K-Tec's Smart-Touch Technology™
For the HP-3, computer control means no knobs, switches, or dials to wear out, break off, or accumulate dirt and grime. The HP-3 replaces that old-fashioned technology with a modern 6-key touchpad and backlit LCD screen. The HP-3's smooth-sided base cleans easily with the quick wipe of a towel, and its solid state electronics insure a long life and dependable performance.

To operate the Champ HP-3, load your ingredients into the container, cover the container, and select one of the pre-programmed mixing cycles. The HP-3 automatically ramps the blade speed up and then down in a way that most effectively mixes the contents. After the completion of the mixing cycle, it automatically turns itself off. The HP-3's blending program is so automated that you can even attend to other kitchen duties while it's doing its work!

The HP-3's computer includes 30 separate pre-programmed mixing cycles. The six most common cycles are activated with a simple touch of one of the six control keys (1, 2, 3, 4, S, & P), and will handle virtually all of your mixing needs. Other more complex mixing cycles — optimized for specific mixing operations — are described in the HP-3's recipe book and are accessible through a set of multiple key presses.

In addition to the programmed cycles, the "S" and "P" keys provide a simple way to manually control the HP-3. "S" is the Speed key. It causes the HP-3 to incrementally increase the blade speed while you're pressing the key, and then maintains that speed when you release the key. This constant speed cycle is great for making ultra-smooth sauces and gravies. "P" is the Pulse key. It operates the HP-3 at full speed, but only while you're pressing it. These brief bursts of power are perfect for quickly shredding cheese, chopping vegetables for salsa, grinding coffee beans, or making peanut butter.

During operation, the HP-3's LCD display provides feedback on the current and a countdown of the remaining time left in the cycle. Pressing any of the keys while a cycle is running will immediately stop the HP-3, and is a convenient way to shorten a blending cycle.

K-Tec Champ HP-3 control panel
Champ HP-3 Control Panel
K-Tec Champ HP-3 juicer comparison
The HP-3 creates "Total Juice" for optimum nutrition
K-Tec Champ HP-3 Outperforms the Best Juicers
Juicing can be a great way to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Beware, however, most products that are advertised as juicers. The majority of these appliances are simply juice extractors. They extract the water and sugar from the fruit, but leave behind most of the beneficial nutrients.

Any juicer that includes a "pulp basket" removes and discards the food's pulp, peel, and seeds. What you're left with is juice that's packed with Calories, but nearly devoid of fiber, and may contain less than half of the original food's vitamins and minerals. Fiber is especially important because it slows your digestion of the food, stabilizes your body's glycemic response, and provides an extended feeling of fullness. With less fiber in your juice, your body absorbs it faster, leading to a more rapid increase in your blood sugar level, which is generally accompanied by accelerated body fat storage and heightened levels of hunger. So by drinking extracted juice, you not only miss out on many nutrients, but you also jeopardize the success of your diet.

The solution is not to give up juicing, but simply to use a better appliance to produce the juice. K-Tec's Champ HP-3 has the ability to completely pulverize foods, and produce a "Total Juice" that contains all the fiber and nutrients of the original fruits and vegetables. In fact, the nutritional value of many foods may even be improved by processing with the HP-3. Studies by the Health Research and Studies Center in Los Altos, California have shown that high-power blending creates enough force to rupture the tough cell walls of plants, which improves the bioavailability of certain phytonutrients such as lycopene.

K-Tec Vita-Mix comparison
K-Tec's Champ HP-3 is more powerful than Vita-Mix, but
is easier to use and requires less counter space
K-Tec Champ HP-3 Even Outperforms Vita-Mix!
Among home blenders, there are just two machines that are worthy of your consideration. These two "heavyweight contenders" are the K-Tec Champ HP-3 and Vita-Mix 5000. Sure, you can buy a cheaper blender at Wal-Mart, but it won't do what these two top blenders do, and it won't last if you use it daily.

We've had the chance to subject these blenders to years of daily use. Both are excellent products, but in our opinion, the HP-3 is clearly superior. Here are six reasons why:

  1. Power
    Neither one of these blenders will disappoint you, but the HP-3 packs about 10% more power than the Vita-Mix. That allows it to more easily handle big loads, like super-thick frozen drinks.

  2. Ease of Use
    A typical blending cycle on the Vita-Mix requires you to make sure the variable/high switch is set to variable, make sure the variable control is turned to low, turn the power on, gradually increase the speed with the variable control, switch to high speed for a few seconds, switch back to variable speed, decrease the speed with the variable speed, and finally turn the power off. With the HP-3, a typical blending cycle only requires you to press a single button!

    You may have noticed that the Vita-Mix comes with a "tamper". That's the black plastic rod next to the Vita-Mix in the photo above. The purpose of the tamper is to push unmixed foods down in the container so that they mix better. The HP-3 doesn't include a tamper, because it doesn't need one. Its specially formed blade and optimally designed container insure that foods are automatically pulled down to the blade during the mixing cycle.

    In other words, the Vita-Mix requires constant manual adjustments, while the HP-3 blends automatically.

  3. Ease of Cleaning
    The straight flat sides of the HP-3's container are easy to clean, but the convoluted sides of Vita-Mix's container sometimes trap sticky foods, like thick sauces, peanut butter, or hummus. The HP-3's smooth base and flush buttons are very easy to wipe clean, but the Vita-Mix's protruding knobs and switches often trap spilled food.

  4. Counter Space
    From the photo above, it's easy to see which of these machines hogs the most counter space. One additional thing about the Vita-Mix that's especially irritating is that it's too tall to fit underneath a standard cupboard. The HP-3 is a sleek machine that blends in with a modern kitchen, while the Vita-Mix is a collection of oversize parts that clutter the countertop.

  5. Maintenance
    The variable control switch is the Achilles heal of Vita-Mix's control system. This mechanical switch is prone to failure if you use the Vita-Mix daily. Vita-Mix has an excellent service department, but it's inconvenient to periodically ship the unit back to the factory for repairs. In contrast, the HP-3 uses 100% solid state electronic. There are no wear-related parts in the HP-3's control system, so its operation is more reliable.

  6. Cost
    While the base price of these two machines is nearly identical, the standard Vita-Mix won't grind dry ingredients (e.g. flour, coffee beans, etc.). For that, you'll have to purchase a second container that contains a special dry ingredient blade. The extra cost for that accessory is about $80. The HP-3's single container is designed to handle either wet or dry ingredients. The HP-3 does more, without extra cost, space, or clutter.

K-Tec Champ HP-3 recipes
K-Tec Champ HP-3 is an Investment in Better Health
You'll have so much fun playing with your Champ HP-3, that that you may forget how much it's improving your health. Instead of buying packaged foods laden with extra sugar, salt, artificial flavors, and preservatives, you'll be making your own healthy treats from scratch. Here are just a few examples of the dozens of fun foods that you can create in 5 minutes or less:
  • Healthy snow cones
    The HP-3 doesn't just crush ice, it pulverizes it! In a few seconds, you can turn ice cubes into snow. Top with fresh fruit juice or tea for a quick refresher.
  • Fresh fruit smoothies
    Make better smoothies than you can buy with any combination of your favorite fruits. And if you add extra ice, you can quickly turn your smoothie into a frozen sorbet that's packed with flavor but low in Calories.
  • Frosty nutrition shakes
    If you use nutrition shakes like Full Strength, you'll really appreciate the difference that the HP-3 makes. You'll get a thick, ice-cold, perfectly blended shake every time.
  • Mixed nut butters
    Stop buying peanut butter at the store, and start making your own with the HP-3. Throw in almonds, cashews, walnuts, or other nuts to create your own unique blends.
  • Flavorful hummus
    If you enjoy Mediterranean foods, you'll appreciate how easily the HP-3 can turn a can of garbonzo beans and a few other ingredients into creamy, flavorful hummus. Add a few chipotle peppers or spices for an extra zing.
  • Custom salsas
    The HP-3 does a better job of chopping tomatoes, onions, and peppers than other food processors, and it's so much easier to clean. Get creative by experimenting with alternative ingredients like cilantro, basil, pineapple, or mango.

See the included recipe book for more ideas!

K-Tec Champ HP-3 is Full Strength Approved!
The makers of Full Strength endorse the K-Tec Champ HP-3 because they believe it's the world's best blender. Here are their suggestions for two ways to use it:

Frosty smooth: For the creamiest Full Strength possible, use 1 packet plus 15 oz of water and 6 ice cubes, and press control key 3. Sit back and enjoy!

or Super thick: Any blender will mix Full Strength, but only the HP-3 can also turn it into ice cream! To experience this awesome treat, reduce the added water to 6 oz, increase the ice to 12 cubes, and press control key 4. You may have to adjust the amount of ice slightly to get it just right, but you'll be rewarded with a Full Strength that you can enjoy just like soft serve ice cream, but it's so much better for you!

K-Tec and Full Strength
Where to Buy K-Tec's Champ HP-3
K-Tec's Champ HP-3 has been rebranded by Ktec as the "Blendtec Home Total Blender", and its control panel has been further improved. Better Fitness Products no longer stocks this item, but follow this Amazon link for the best deal we've seen on this product.
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