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FullStrength Premium Nutrition Shake

Full Strength™

by Phillips Performance Nutrition
The Premium Nutrition Shake
Full Strength provides the perfect balance of ultra high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients in a convenient pre-measured mix that produces a thick, rich, and deeply satisfying shake with unparalleled taste.
What Makes This a Better Fitness Product?

This is simply the best tasting and best performing nutrition shake on the market. It completely nourishes your body, is easy on your stomach, and provides a controlled release of energy to prevent fat storage. Bodybuilders love it for its exceptional protein content, but it's also the perfect meal replacement for dieters. Each convenient single-serving packet costs about the same as a good cup of coffee, but keeps you satisfied and energized much much longer.

Take a Coffee Shake Break!
It's mid-morning and you're starting to drag. Hunger and low energy are beginning to impair your ability to concentrate. You grab a cappuccino and a muffin from Starbucks®, figuring that that will let you survive until lunch...

Your coffee break may provide some emotional relief that helps you survive the day, but it does virtually nothing to nourish your body. While the caffeine in the coffee is mentally stimulating, it also causes a greater portion of the sugars from the muffin to be stored as body fat. And because this snack doesn't provide protein and other key nutrients, your body's repair system sputters into hibernation. Continue this habit day after day, and you can easily end up fat, listless, and out of shape.

The Full Strength nutrition shake can reverse this downward spiral, because it contains abundant amounts of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, and other important nutrients that your body craves. Replacing your mid-morning coffee with a Full Strength shake will keep your body and mind operating at their peak abilities throughout the day.

Why merely survive, when you can live life at full strength?!

Meet Shawn Phillips, The Nutrition Shake Expert
Shawn Phillips is a well-respected veteran of the nutritional supplement industry. Together with his brother Bill Phillips, he founded EAS, the company that brought the first engineered meal replacement (MetRx) to the market in the early 1990's. With Shawn's help, EAS then proceeded to develop an even better nutrition shake (Myoplex), which quickly became one of the most popular nutritional supplements ever sold.

After leaving EAS, Shawn enjoyed an early, but short lived, retirement. He soon became disgusted with the evolution of the supplement industry. So many companies had shifted their focus from helping the athlete to increasing profits. Even his old company, EAS, had cut research funding, modified product formulations, and reduced potency, just to trim manufacturing costs. It sickened him to think that these new watered down products were capitalizing on the brand name that he and his brother had worked so hard to create.

It was time, he decided, to come out of retirement, and create a full-potency nutritional product that he once again could proudly recommend to his friends. Full Strength is that product.

Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips, ceo
Phillips Performance Nutrition
More About the Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake
Full Strength is a nutrient-dense powdered shake mix that's supplied in pre-measured and hermetically-sealed Mylar packets. Each Full Strength box contains fourteen (14) single-serving packets. Full Strength mixes easily with water to form a thick, rich, flavorful shake that functions as a complete, convenient, and satisfying meal.

Recommended usage is one or two Full Strength servings per day, as replacement for either meals or   between-meal snacks. Because Full Strength provides a controlled release of nutrients to your body, it's perfect for helping keeping you satisfied and energized throughout the day.

FullStrength Meal Replacement
What Full Strength Can Do For You
Full Strength is the next generation of nutritional supplements. It was formulated using the latest nutritional research, and provides the optimal balance of nutrients for insuring peak performance. Here's precisely what Full Strength can do for you...
Boost Your Strength and Speed Recovery
Each serving of Full Strength provides a full 40 grams of protein, including the highest percentage of potent Iso-chill™ whey isolate available in a nutrition shake, ultra high-quality whey concentrate, slow-absorbing calcium caseinate, and bio-active, fraction-rich, milk protein isolate. This mix ensures a sustained release of amino acids for optimal muscle growth and recovery.

These powerful proteins are further augmented by added L-Glutamine, Taurine, and Tyrosine, plus the patented Aminogen Enzyme, which has been shown to boost the absorption of muscle-enhancing amino acids by as much as 260%.

Provide You with Extended Energy
Full Strength includes a unique mix of complex carbohydrates and essential fats that provide sustained energy without causing a spike in your blood sugar level. This keeps your metabolism elevated, while minimizing your risk of fat storage.
Completely Nourish Your Body
Check the Nutrition Facts label (included below) and you'll see that Full Strength doesn't skimp on nutrients. In fact, a single serving provides at least 50% of 20 critically important vitamins and minerals. And every mineral in Full Strength is chelated to improve your body's ability to absorb and use it.

Note: If you consume two servings of Full Strength per day, your nutrient intake may be sufficient enough that you don't need separate vitamin and mineral supplements.

Keep You Satisfied for Hours
Thanks to Full Strength's low caloric density and high levels of protein and dietary fiber, it will efficiently satisfy your hunger, and keep you satisfied for hours. With this natural reduction of hunger, you're less likely to binge on unhealthy foods that would compromise the success of your diet.
Safeguard Your Health
Fiber is the missing link for most nutrition shakes. Without it, a shake passes through your gastrointestinal track too rapidly and digests incompletely, leading to stomach upset, cramps, and bloating. Full Strength cures this problem by adding six full grams of dietary fiber plus a probiotic blend that includes forms of both acidophilus and bifidus. These probiotic organisms increase the absorption of nutrients and aid in the disposal of the digestive byproducts responsible for gas and bloating.

For your cardiovascular system, Full Strength includes a healthy dose of Nutrim™ hydrolyzed oat flour. Nutrim contains beta-glucans, which have been shown to help control cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.

Improve Your Mental Focus
Full Strength includes added Tyrosine. A precursor to several important neurotransmitters, Tyrosine appears to have potent stimulating effects on the brain and has been shown to help individuals perform better mentally by aiding focus and alertness while inhibiting feelings of stress and fatigue.
Protect You From Free Radicals
Free radicals contribute to the aging process and interfere with recovery following intense exercise. Full Strength includes extra amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene to fight these cell-damaging agents.
Full Strength Nutrition
Below are Nutrition Facts and ingredient listings for each of Full Strength's two delicious flavors...
FullStrength Nutrition Facts, vanilla

Vanilla Ingredients

FullStrength Nutrition Facts, chocolate

Chocolate Ingredients

Why Full Strength Makes Dieting Easier
An independent review of Full Strength's nutrient composition was performed by the experts at Below is a portion of their analysis for this product. Of particular note is the lower graph, which NutritionData calls a Nutritional Target Map™ (or NTM).

The NTM visually maps foods based on their suitability for dieting. Foods that appear in the upper right corner of the NTM (e.g. Full Strength) are your best choices for healthy weight loss, because they're both filling and nutritious. By consuming more of these foods, your hunger is naturally satisfied with less total Calories. And that's one of the biggest keys to enabling successful weight loss.

Any diet that reduces your caloric intake will help you temporarily lose weight. However, the risk of many low-Calorie diets is that they also reduce your nutrient intake. This causes loss of muscle tissue and a slowdown of your metabolism, which brings your progress to a grinding halt. Full Strength ensures your success by supplying your body with every critical nutrients that it needs. This keeps your metabolism elevated AND satisfies your hunger!

vanilla, as mixed with 16 fl oz of water and 4 ice cubes:
Full Strength nutritional analysis
Above data and images courtesy of
For more about the NTM, see
Why Other Nutrition Shakes Can't Compare to Full Strength
In recent years, many other nutritional shakes (sometimes called protein drinks, meal replacements, or MRPs) have become available. Some appear similar to Full Strength, but that similarity disappears as you examine or use those products. In particular, you're likely to encounter one or more of the following problems with other nutrition shakes:
Unsuitable Taste
A nutrition shake provides the most benefit when you use it consistently. So why settle for anything less than a completely awesome taste? You'll get that with Full Strength. It's a nutrition shake that you'll love using, and will be proud to serve to your friends.
Intestinal Distress
Very few shakes have any fiber at all, and almost none include added enzymes or probiotics. What fun is it to feel bloated every time you use one? Full Strength ends the bloat and improves digestion with its unique formula.
Shortage of Nutrients
Some shakes contain much less protein than Full Strength, and may include only a small amount of other key nutrients. Full Strength is so densely packed with nutrients that it may even replace your daily multivitamin!
Inferior Ingredients
Check the label before you buy. Many shakes are filled with large amounts of simple sugars, saturated fats, lower-quality proteins, and other cheap ingredients. These shakes simply won't get the job done. Full Strength works because it contains an uncompromized blend of the highest quality ingredients.
What About Protein (or Energy) Bars?
Protein and energy bars are a poor food choice for most people, and are generally a terrible choice for dieters. Here's why...

Although many protein and energy bars contain a good supply of nutrients, these products are also very dense calorically. In fact, most bars supply an equal number of Calories, but only take up 1/8 the stomach space as a serving of Full Strength! In addition, a large percentage of the Calories in bars generally comes from simple sugars or other quickly digested carbohydrates. Because of these facts, bars not only fail to adequately satisfy your hunger, but can also stimulate additional eating. That's definitely not what you want if you're dieting!

Protein and energy bars are also victims of certain manufacturing limitations. It's relatively difficult for food manufacturers to produce bars from high-quality proteins, because a good protein mixture is too stiff and sticky for machines to process efficiently. To solve this problem, easier to process fillers and additives are added to their mix. These ingredients help make a more attractive bar, but further decrease its nutritional worth.

So who should use protein and energy bars? These products are OK for endurance athletes, individuals that are struggling to gain weight, and backpackers that have a very limited space to store their food. For all other people, Full Strength is clearly a better choice.

For Men Only?!
Full Strength is labeled "for Men" because it was formulated to best match the nutritional needs of male athletes, with each packet supplying generous amounts of zinc, selenium, magnesium, and vitamin C. However, there's no reason for women to avoid benefiting from this excellent shake.
Serving Size Notes (for Both Men and Women):
Each Full Strength shake provides 300 total Calories, which is an ideal serving size if you're on a diet of at least 1800 Calories and consume 5-6 small meals per day. If you're on a more restricted diet than that, you may want to split the Full Strength serving in half. Consuming half now and half later will give you all of the same benefits, while helping spread your Calories further. Conversely, larger athletes may want to mix Full Strength with milk instead of water. Two cups of skim milk will boost the serving to approximately 480 Calories and provide you with a whopping 58 total grams of protein!
Full Strength Mixing Tips
For best results, mix your Full Strength Shake immediately prior to consumption, using one of the following methods...
Shake It
If you currently use a meal replacement shake, you've probably already discovered the plastic shaker bottle. These inexpensive, reusable mixers make it easy to enjoy a shake anywhere. Beware the lowest cost versions, though, as they tend to leak after extended use. FYI, the best performing model that we've tested is the Blender Bottle.
Blend It
To get that ultra-creamy consistency that the Full Strength shake is known for, it's best to use an electric blender. Full Strength mixes easily, so nearly any kitchen blender will work just fine. Add 16 ounces of water and four ice cubes to the mix, and blend on high until completely mixed, then enjoy!
K-Tec It
For the ultimate Full Strength experience, use even more ice and blend it with the K-Tec Champ HP-3. The HP-3's three horsepower motor has the ability to completely pulverize the ice. With the HP-3, you can even make a Full Strength shake with the consistency of soft-serve ice cream — decadently good, but totally healthy!
Try Full Strength for Two Weeks Risk-Free
Buy Full Strength directly from the manufacturer to take advantage of their risk-free trial. Simply start your day strong with one delicious Full Strength shake or use Full Strength as your mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal to refuel and rejuvenate your body and mind. If after 14 days of enjoying Full Strength once a day you’re not completely satisfied, 100% of your purchase will be refunded.

> Full Strength 2-Week Risk-Free Trial <



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What Others Say

Here are comments from a few of the people who use Full Strength...

"This was by far the best meal replacement shake I've had. I actually drink it as a treat to myself because it's that good. The taste and texture are excellent."

- Jarrod (Vernon, CT)

"I absolutely LOVED it!"

- Marilee (Loveland, CO)

"Your shake is in a class by itself. I could not believe the great taste and thick texture."

- Mark (Amarillo, TX)

"You are to be congratulated on this product it is truly outstanding! I love it!!!"

- Tonia (Lincoln, NE)

"The most delicious satisfying shake ever to hit the market... I fully enjoyed and savored every single sip just as I would a fine vintage glass of wine... the biggest thing that stood out was the aroma, texture and taste of the shake, as well as the euphoric feeling I had drinking it which lingered long after I finished. Hunger completely satisfied and I had incredible alertness and focus nearly all morning."

- Kevin (Wayne, NJ)

"It was the best tasting meal replacement I have ever had. I also noticed that unlike other nutrition shakes, it kept me satisfied for about 2.5 hours compared to an hour for others".

- Mack
(Crothersville, IN)

"I thought the Full Strength was GREAT!!!! It was the best tasting MRP that I have tried to date. I used it before my usual heavy-day workout and definitely felt the difference. It was excellent for sustained energy and really stayed with me for quite a while."

- Jennifer
(Snellville, GA)

"It was the best MRP shake I have tasted, way better than the Myoplex and Met-rx... you guys really hit a home run with this product!"

- Chad
(Prior Lake, MN)

"I'm switching to Full Strength!"

- Dustin
(Gillette, WY)

"Your shakes are truly amazing. The best I have tasted ever... the shakes make me feel full of life."

- Rob
(Chicago, IL)

"If I know anything, I know my meal replacements. Full Strength is the BEST on the market."

- Richard
(Austin, TX)

"The vanilla flavor was excellent and the texture was good. About 15 minutes later, I began to feel strangely energized and alert, instead of my usual post-workout fatigue. Additionally, my normal 3:00 to 3:30 fight to stay awake did not occur."

- Bob
(Perry, OH)

"It was unbelievably delicious. I never thought a protein mix could taste so good."

- Kenneth
(Ballwin, MO)

"Once done mixing, I could tell just by the smell, that the shake was going to be good. I proceeded to take my first sip, and the only thing I could think was WOW this is awesome. The consistency of the shake and the flavor were out of this world... I must admit that Full Strength is the best Nutrition Shake that I have ever had."

- Nick
(Blaine, MN)

"The taste is simply AMAZING! It is BY FAR the best tasting protein shake I've ever had! On top of that, it has high quality whey, taurine, and sunflower oil. Amazing..."

- Matt
(Gibsonia, PA)

"The Full Strength shake is great. It had a smooth feel... taste was very good. I would recommend Full Strength to everyone."

- Terry
(Sevierville, TN)

"The absolute best tasting vanilla nutrition shake on the market... it was creamy and delicious."

- Kevin
(Sheboygan, WI)

"I've noticed some positive benefits from Full Strength: Greater clarity; Ease of digestion; Reduced appetite; Better muscle recovery."

- Scott
(Littleton, CO)

"The taste of Full Strength was great. I felt energetic after I drank it. Also I wasn't hungry for a period of time after I had it."

- Mike
(Boardman, OH)

"I enjoyed it, I was full for almost 4 hours and it tasted great... drinking this shake after practice makes me feel satisfied and energized all over again."

- Ryan
(Oviedo, FL)

"I was energized enough to push mow the lawn for 3 hours in 90 degree heat!"

- Brad
(Whispering Pines, NC)

"I'd give it 10 out of 10!"

- Brian
(Newton Falls, OH)

"This is the first time I've ever had a nutrition shake make me feel great both mentally and physically."

- E. K.
(Los Angeles, CA)

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