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elite rings

Elite Rings

Gymnastic Rings for Strength Training
Challenge Your Body in a Completely New Way
Elite Rings are a portable version of gymnastic Still Rings that can be setup virtually anywhere. They boost muscle activation by adding new levels of instability to common strength exercises.
What Makes This a Better Fitness Product?
Gymnasts that compete on the Still Rings have amazing arm, shoulder, and back development as a result of their unique training methods. Elite Rings allow you to replicate this type of training anywhere, for a fraction of the cost of commercial gymnastics equipment. Elite Rings are extremely well made, and will continue to challenge you for years to come.
Have You Tried the World's Most Challenging Pushup?
exf rings pushup
Elite Rings Pushup
When most people hear "Still Rings", they immediately think, "Iron Cross", but that's just one of many strength movements that are performed on the rings. There are dozens of others — including pull-ups, pushups, and dips — that gymnasts practice before even attempting an Iron Cross.

Nearly every exercise is more challenging when done on the rings. Take the pushup, for example. The position is the same as when you do them on the floor, but there's nothing (other than your own shoulder, chest, and back muscles) to prevent your hands from moving in, out, back, or forth. If you've never done a ring pushup, you'll be amazed at how much more difficult this makes the exercise.

Elite Rings' Instability Stimulates More Muscle Fibers
Your body is very efficient, and only recruits the minimum number of muscle fibers needed to complete the movement it's asked to perform. That's great as a survival strategy, but it limits your ability to build additional strength.

To counter this, many strength trainers favor exercises that also require your body to stabilize and balance itself. Such exercises stimulate more muscle fibers and yields faster strength gains. That's why free weights are generally more effective than exercise machines, and why dumbbells provide additional benefits over barbells. Ring training extends this concept even further, providing one of the most stimulating forms of exercise ever devised.

exf rings dip
Ring Dips
Elite Rings for Rehabilitation
Because ring training activates so many muscles in such a coordinated way, it's also an effective adjunct to some forms of physical therapy.

Note, too, that full-range movements are not always necessary. Great gains in shoulder stability can be made from simply performing "supports" — i.e. supporting your body over the rings with your arms extended, elbows locked. Forces on the body can be limited by maintaining foot or knee contact with the floor, or through manual assistance by a physical therapist.

exf rings support
Support Position
Everything You Need to Get Started
The following items are included with each Elite Rings order:
  • (2) Elite Rings
  • (2) 18-foot high-strength nylon webbing straps with quick-lock buckles
  • 112-page ebook: Ring Training for Elite Fitness
    (setup instructions, basic exercises, and sample workouts)

Elite Rings' straps easily adjust in length to accommodate different exercises — e.g. close to the floor for pushups or ab roll-outs, shoulder-high for dips, and higher for pullups.

The straps are designed to loop over any sturdy overhead beam. We suggest using a chinning bar, swing set frame, or a strong tree branch. You can also hang them from most ceilings using eye-bolts (not included, but available from most hardware stores).

Note: All Elite Rings components have been load tested up to 1000 lbs. However, they are not intended for swinging exercises, such as giant swings and double back flip dismounts. For those, you need an FIG-certified ring frame with spring loaded, swivel mounts.
High-Performance Rings That Go Where You Go
Elite Rings are easy to stuff in your backpack or gym bag, and the following features make it quick and easy to set them up in different locations:
  • New S-Buckle
    Elite Rings' mounting hardware now includes a special S-Buckle that allows you to attach the straps to a mounting surface without rethreading the main quick-lock buckles. This is a real time saver during setup.
  • Measured Webbing
    Elite Rings' nylon webbing now includes permanent markings, which simplifies the process of adjusting the left and right rings to the same height.

Bored with the gym? Take your workout to the park!

Elite Rings' Newest Feature
Elite Rings were previously called "EXF Rings," and made out of plastic. Now they're made from SpiralStrength wood.

Wood is the ideal material for gymnastic rings, because it absorbs sweat, which provides a secure grip with very little chalk. That's a major advantage when you're cranking out muscle-ups in the heat of an intense workout.

Normal wooden rings are created by cutting a ring out of a sheet of plywood. Plywood is versatile, but it's not optimal for rings. The unique SpiralStrength construction is created by wrapping long thin strips of veneer into a spiral. This aligns the grain of the wood for optimal strength along the entire ring, and also provides a clean and attractive appearance:
elite rings detail
Elite Rings Accessories and Resources
The following products and resources can enhance your ring training experience:
  • Tite-Grip hand cream
    A grip enhancing cream that works as well as gymnast's chalk, but without the mess.
  • Elite Rings Users Forum
    An online gathering place to exchange ideas about Elite Rings training.
  • Ring Strength DVD
    Elite Rings exercises demonstrated by Jordan Jovtchev, the 2-time World Champion of the Still Rings. This video provides valuable instruction on proper form and common variations for many different movements.
exf rings dvd
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